Goodwill Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd., is a part of the Goodwill Group of Companies promoted by Mr.R.C.P. Navelcar and Mr. Yashpal Raikar.

Mr. Navelcar, age 60,  is a retired Banker who thanks to his chosen profession and the fact that his family has vast land holdings has a keen eye for and an extensive knowledge of both the Real Estate as well as Financial worlds with a wide array of contacts amongst movers and shakers all over the globe.

Mr. Yashpal Raikar is a young dynamic Civil Engineer with a vision of inclusive growth  and in-depth knowledge and experience in the Real Estate Scenario in Goa. Coming from a landed family, he was involved from a very young age in the management of his family owned properties and over the last decade  he has built up a vast and unparalleled  land bank all over the state of Goa.

His experiences while managing his family properties have given him an insight into the Real Estate scene  which stood him in good stead while he was building his business.

The Goodwill  Group is today poised for massive expansion as the assets in the form of land bank created by Mr. Raikar have grown tremendously in value and are waiting to be commercially exploited.